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February 11, 2021

Lia Models Management: High Class Escort Agentur

Lia Models Management was founded in 2020 and has significantly shaped the landscape of international luxury escorting. The agency is now represented in over 20 countries.

It stands for exclusivity, high standards and appreciation. It also promotes escort models. Our mission, values and our Classy Lady Academy represent the highest level of service in the escort industry.

Our claim: Excellence of our escorts

Lia Models Management aims to create unique and memorable experiences that exceed the expectations of our discerning clients. Our commitment extends to every aspect of our work. From the careful selection of models to the personalised service we offer.

We offer natural beauties, with physical fitness, excellent upbringing and academic education. Authenticity, charm, reliability and a warm aura are essential. We strive for escort ladies with a healthy self-esteem without arrogance and a pure and loving soul.

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Our mission: The definition of luxury and exclusivity

Lia Models Management strives to rewrite the definition of luxury in escort services. Our mission is to create a good environment. In this environment, our clients and models should feel valued and understood. We strive for excellence from the moment we make contact, through the sensual moments, to the final farewell.

Our values: exclusivity, appreciation and discretion

The pillars on which Lia Models Management rests are our unwavering values: exclusivity, appreciation and discretion.

  • Exclusivity: We offer access to a world of luxury and elegance reserved for only a few. Our escort models are more than just companions; they are the embodiment of beauty, intelligence and charm.
  • Appreciation: Models are valued for their looks, personality, education and versatility. We encourage their development and support them in achieving their goals.
  • Discretion: We understand the importance of privacy and discretion and ensure this in all our interactions. The trust of our clients and models is the backbone of our success.

Discretion: The be-all and end-all

Discretion is at the centre of everything we do and is the foundation of everything we do. It is non-negotiable for us and forms the foundation of our services. All interactions and encounters are treated with the utmost care and consideration for the privacy of our clients and models.

On the other hand, we have created a clientele that we wanted to attract. Our clientele is characterised by discretion and restraint. We are rarely to be found in public reviews of our services. We have no room for superficial gossip.

We therefore advise against participating in public discussions or writing reviews on the Internet. After all, being a true gentleman is reflected in restraint and respectful behaviour.

We receive a great deal of positive feedback, which we as an agency and our escorts are very proud of. Perfection is our goal. However, the main focus is still on making our clients feel completely comfortable and appreciated at all times.

Our ideal gentleman

Our ideal gentleman embodies the quintessence of respect, decency and appreciation towards the escort ladies. He understands that an encounter of the highest quality is defined by external attributes but also by mutual chemistry and the shared appreciation of exclusive moments.

He appreciates the uniqueness of each lady and recognises the importance of a carefully constructed connection. This gentleman prefers an extended date without the burden of obligations and expectations. He is well-groomed, polite and considerate, placing great importance on the privacy and well-being of the escort lady.

In him, our escorts will find a true gentleman who appreciates the art of pleasure and fine company. We are proud to offer such gentlemen encounters based on discretion, luxury and a sincere exchange.

Classy Lady Academy: We have recognised the potential

The problems faced by escort agencies and independent escorts revolve around three main aspects: Communication skills, appearance and etiquette. These challenges can affect the quality of service and leave clients unsatisfied. These three problem areas are explained in more detail below:

Need for strong communication skills and eloquence:

In the escort industry, it is crucial to have far more than basic communication skills. Escorts must be eloquent and articulate communicators in order to hold sophisticated conversations with successful businessmen and other high calibre clients.

This skill is especially important at dinners or social events where in-depth, intellectually stimulating conversations are expected. The ability to communicate at a high level enhances the overall customer experience.

Eloquence and a broad knowledge of a variety of topics allow them to fit seamlessly into different conversational situations. The interests that move the gentleman in everyday life should be quickly recognised and taken up by the escort lady. This creates a deep, personal connection and makes the conversation stimulating and enriching.

No parquet-safe appearance:

A parquet-safe demeanour refers to the ability to move appropriately and confidently in a variety of social situations. This may include how one dresses and behaves in different formal settings. This is an essential skill to excel at high-class occasions and fulfil customer expectations.

Lack of etiquette at dinner:

Good table manners are especially important when escorts accompany their clients to business or social events. Poor table manners can be embarrassing and damage the reputation of both the client and the escort.

These 3 main aspects mentioned reflect the level of the escort herself and that of the agency. Lack of etiquette can therefore have a direct impact on client satisfaction. This may also mean that the perception of the professionalism of the service is called into question.

To summarise, these issues show that escort agencies and independent escorts may need to invest in further development of their escorts. Ensuring the necessary skills are in place is a guarantee of success in the escort role.

This may include training in communication skills, etiquette, table manners and the correct behaviour in various social situations.

This is why we have created the Classy Lady Academy.

Classy Lady Academy logo with silhouette of an elegant woman and stylized lettering

A key to our success and our outstanding unique selling point is the Classy Lady Academy. The Academy was founded to take ladies into a world where luxury and freedom await them. But to get there, it takes a wonderful personality, sweat and the right ambition to become a Classy Lady.

The Classy Lady Academy was founded parallel to Lia Models Management. It is not just an academy for the training and development of our models. It is the heart of our philosophy, a centre where excellence, elegance, education and personality are promoted.

Our training programme includes fashion and styling, etiquette, personality development, communication skills, international protocol and cultural education. These areas are crucial in preparing our models for the diverse and demanding requirements of an international clientele. Through ongoing coaching and personalised support, we ensure that our escort ladies act confidently in any social situation. They are always characterised by grace and eloquence.

The Classy Lady Academy is an expression of the deep-rooted respect and appreciation we have for our ladies. The future is characterised by anticipation. Our vision is to push the excellence of our service even further. In doing so, we are completely re-circling the landscape of international escorts.

Our high standard

Our prices reflect our strong commitment to excellence and exclusivity in a market often dominated by quantity. In a world where the downward trend in elite escort services is palpable. Our offering as a defiant statement for a curated experience and the rare connection between true class and authentic luxury. As such, Lia Models Management is not about short-term encounters or maximising the throughput of bookings.

Our higher rates serve as a filter for unsuitable callers and guarantee our clients a premium and in-depth experience.

Our models are highly educated, exceptionally attractive, sophisticated and possess a natural elegance and authentic warmth. These ladies choose this activity for the joy of experiencing and sharing special moments, not as a full-time profession. They see it as an occasional adventure that enriches their already full lives.

We are proud to have chosen this challenging path. Dear gentlemen, we invite you to recognise and appreciate the true value of such an exclusive experience.


Lia Models Management represents the pinnacle of international luxury escorting. We offer a unique, discreet and high quality service. This is based on our careful selection process, our appreciation of models and our exclusive Classy Lady Academy.

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