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Where passion paired with curiosity blossomed, deep happiness followed at Lia Models.

Authenticity lasts the longest

When considering how to present oneself on the internet, the decision often oscillates between a fabricated, almost utopian hero story and the sober truth that reflects genuine authenticity. Therefore, we, known as the agency's management, would like to give you a brief insight into our self-concept.

First of all, "Welcome to Lia Models," the renowned and globally leading high-class escort agency, where the discerning gentleman can meet first-class escort ladies.
über uns

The true beginning

About me: My name is Lia, and I started my first job as an escort in 2015. I was fascinated by the idea and had the great opportunity to get a taste of the "High Class" world as an escort. A world that gave me many experiences and which I associate with synonyms like beauty, sensuality, passion, luxury, discretion, and erotic adventures. Because one thing I know: I love sex!
From the very beginning, I knew that I had found exactly the right thing for me and worked this job part-time. I met many gentlemen, most of whom truly deserved the title, and I realized early on that a thorough pre-selection by the agency was essential. I was blessed with unforgettable moments through sensual encounters, deep conversations, genuine girlfriend experiences, and shared laughter.
An elegant couple enjoying a romantic dinner, illustrating the quality and depth of encounters at Lia Models
Stylish escort lady from Lia Models in trendy ski gear poses in the snow, symbolizing the luxurious lifestyle and diverse travel experiences
My adventure took me from the Cannes Film Festival, the Grand Prix in Monaco, to relaxing spa weekends at Lake Garda, and extended stays in the Maldives. My personal favorite as a ski bunny: speeding down the slopes of St. Moritz.

With the part-time job as an escort, I quickly realized that even after my dual studies and rising to a management position in a trading company, a typical 9-to-5 life from Monday to Friday would not make me happy in the long run. I despised the monotonous work attitude of many colleagues, but especially the rigid hierarchies, the lack of flexibility, and thus fundamentally the traditional work world.
So I decided to become self-employed to travel, explore the world, and surround myself daily with luxury, aesthetics, etiquette, and lifestyle.

With my experience in a managerial role at a large corporation and the deep insights from the escort world, I quickly recognized the deficiencies in other escort agencies. This motivated me to use my keen empathy for the hidden desires of gentlemen to found the Lia Models Escort Agency.
Luxurious escort lady from Lia Models enjoys champagne in a private jet, epitomises the elite lifestyle and the agency's founding motivation
Official logo of Lia Models Management, symbolizes elegance and the exclusive character of the agency
It was also important to me to complement this with the Classy Lady Academy, to genuinely foster a personal interest and bond with our escort ladies, enabling them to build a financially independent life.

Investing in human capital
Let's be honest: the job of an escort lady is not to be underestimated, and during their prime years, human capital should be used to build a solid long-term financial foundation. This way, a life that goes beyond the purchase of luxury items can also be ensured in the long term. Our workshops and seminars prepare our ladies to become part of this sophisticated world and meet discerning, discreet gentlemen.

Today, I can conclude that my idea and intuition were confirmed. We run a successful international high-class escort agency and couldn't be happier and more convinced of our path.

My Own Pretty Woman Story

If you're wondering what this "we" means, I absolutely have to mention my husband: he is my personal Pretty Woman story and one of the most charming and loving men I have ever met. A testament to the fact that success and charm can indeed coexist. What started as a simple meeting developed into a deep relationship and eventually our marriage. My husband left his position as a board member of a large German bank and has dedicated himself to our joint agency. Together, we run the agency, which is now active in over 20 countries, with great joy and professionalism.
Couple relaxing in a luxury lounge with breathtaking views of snow-covered mountains, symbolising serenity and partnership
Founding of Lia Models Management in Europe

Creating the Classy Lady Academy, because our models matter to us
Expansion to Luxembourg

Coaching in the areas of Health & Fashion
Travel companionships to Vietnam and Australia

Development of personality programs
.... and how they shaped me
Expansion to Monaco and Switzerland

Entry into worldwide travel companionship

Coaching in the areas of
Etiquette & Beauty
Travel companionships to the Maldives, Mykonos, Santorini, Dubai

First coachings in the areas of finance and retirement planning, tax optimization, and business management
My Moments
From the very beginning, I was fascinated by the diverse and inspiring encounters. These experiences laid the foundation for the development and growth of our agency. With great dedication, tireless effort, and passionate commitment, I worked on the vision and establishment of our agency. Supported by my husband, who contributes his technical skills and expertise as a financial specialist in the areas of taxes, investments, and entrepreneurship, Lia Models was able to truly flourish. We offer the ladies more than just a placement platform!

Classy Lady Academy - possessing the reflection of an escort

Stylish logo of the Classy Lady Academy, founded in Paris 2020, symbolizes education and development in the high-class escort world
Our agency provides an exclusive platform that offers much more than escort dates for sensual moments with discerning gentlemen.

The Classy Lady Academy embodies the heart of our unique service offerings. It is not only an enrichment for every confident escort lady but also a central educational institution focused on self-reflection and continuous development. There is a common misconception among many established and aspiring escort ladies that no further development is necessary. But this is precisely where the crucial mistake lies. Just as every successful businessman has reached his position through tireless effort, training, listening, self-reflection, expertise, charisma, and a well-groomed appearance, escort ladies should continuously hone their skills. The Classy Lady Academy provides the platform and resources to step out of any current state and embark on a path that leads not only to short-term success but also lays the foundation for long-term luxury and prosperity. Here, the groundwork is laid for a career based on continuous growth and improvement.
The euphoria and deep happiness I feel in my role as the head of a high-class escort agency are a reflection of the success stories we write every day. I am deeply convinced of our path and could not be prouder of our two agencies.
- Lia
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